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How to Tell You Are Getting Quality and Genuine Appliance Spare Parts

by Christina Porter

You need to know what to look out for and what to do to ensure you get genuine appliance spare parts.

Get Spare Parts from the Manufacturer

The first thing you need to consider is obtaining the spare parts directly from the appliance manufacturer. Sometimes you might have some challenges; for example, the parts may take too long to reach you or the process (purchase and delivery) may be too expensive. If this is the case, you might need to look for another store near you where you can purchase genuine parts. The factors you need to consider are discussed below. If there are no challenges, then you are guaranteed genuine parts from the manufacturer.


It may be preferable for a store to offer you a warranty with any spare parts you buy. A warranty usually means the store or company trusts the quality of the parts. They know that they will incur losses if people return their parts for reimbursement. If a warranty is provided, check to see how long it will cover the parts for and also what type of damage it covers. The longer the warranty period, the higher the quality of the parts.


You need to do some research before going to the store for spare parts. What are you looking for? Find out the exact spare part you need and search the manufacturer's website to learn how you can verify whether a part is genuine. Some parts have Australian standard markings in the form of numbers. Ensure you learn how to check these numbers. You can read articles or watch videos to ensure you fully understand.

If you are not confident in your inspection skills, you can use your repairperson. Let him or her help you choose genuine spare parts. With the repairperson's experience, he or she will know where to get the genuine parts at a fair price.

Choosing a Store to Buy Spare Parts

You likely want to get the parts at the lowest price possible without compromising on quality. To achieve this, you need a store near you. You can either check online for stores in your area or ask around.

Once you get recommendations, ensure you find out what people say about the stores. Genuine feedback can be found on review sites and forums. Once you find a store with many positive reviews, use the above information to help you select genuine parts.

For more information, contact suppliers of appliance spare parts.